We are a licensed transport and forwarding company specialising in serving the domestic and international markets. For years, we have consistently and reliably developed our operations based on the best European models. Our strength is high-quality service and a professional approach to facilitating the logistics process. We always offer a "custom-made" deal, operating primarily through a flexible approach to the needs of our customers.

We provide transport using modern vehicles in compliance with EU technical and environmental requirements, most of them meeting EUR4, EUR5 and EUR6 standards. A significant percentage of our vehicles for international traffic are adapted for the transport of ADR dangerous goods. When working with subcontractors we adhere to the principle of careful selection and verification based on ISO 9001:2008 procedures.

Every day our employees ensure safe transport of hundreds of tons of goods on the highways and byways of Poland and Europe. We serve most industries, reaching the most distant economic regions of our continent.

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STARTIS HMP Sp. z o.o.
ul. Bociana 22
31-231 Kraków
tel. 12 420 21 50
fax 12 420 21 55


Quality management involves a number of issues, but it has one overriding goal: to be a key factor in a firm’s competitive advantage.


We care about safety on the road, as well as within the firm.


Promoting sustainable development has become our priority.


"Project Green Truck" will enable us to include in our fleet vehicles equipped with engines that meet European "Euro" standards